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Silent Hill 100

A Silent Hill 100 Icon Challenge

Silent Hill 100 Icons Challenge
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This is a 100 Icon challenge community for the game (and movie) Silent Hill. Feel free to join and claim a subject, just be sure to read the rules first.

After you complete your 100 icons you will receive an award custom made by me or one of the other banner makers (won't you feel special).

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Subject list/claims post
Completed subjects/finished post

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1. Only one subject per member. After you complete 100 icons for your subject you can claim another subject.
2. You may claim only characters and general subjects already listed, with the exception of Silent Hill comic characters. You can have anything you want in the relationship, enemies, and misc. catagories.
3. Feel free to post icons you've used in other communities before, or post your new icons in another community if you would like.
4. Once you have finished your 100 icons reply to this post.

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Claim your subject by replying to this post. Include the following information:

Subject catagory: (character, general, enemy, etc.)

I will add you to the list asap.

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In each of your posts include the following info. Also, keep all icons behind a cut.

Icon numbers: (example: 1-6, 26-34, etc.)

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